printHTML(): how many pages printed?

A recently-reported issue saw a variation in the number of pages printed with the same document as a target of printHTML(). The customer suggested that the differences may be caused by variations in the deployed version of ScriptX, but when we ran Preview on the single-page target document in IE it became clear that its size was such that – depending upon the unprintable margin areas returned by the printer is use – it would sometimes print on 1 page…

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Using ScriptX in a console application sample on GitHub

We recently added a sample on using ScriptX within a console application to print html content downloaded from arbitrary urls. The sample contains some interesting utility code of using callbacks from the PrintHtmlEx() method and also code for wrapping the use of Security Manager and ScriptX. Although a little overkill in a console application these wrappers are useful in services. We are continuing to work on improving our documentation on using ScriptX in services/applications and also to provide more sample…

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